Making Work Easier

Why You Will Look Forward to Using Your OX2:

The Electric OX2 makes no compromises. Quiet and emissions free, the OX2 responds to the driver with power, smooth handling and a surprisingly tight turning radius.

Small and mighty, the OX2 may have no resemblance to its namesake, but it has earned its reputation for getting the job done with quiet determination.

What You Can Expect From Your OX2:
  • No exhaust means no smell and no air-borne pollutants. All electric operation addresses any air quality requirements or regulations whether in the work place or green space.
  • Quiet operations from the electric motors and simple on/off functions. Listen to sounds around you. At <68 dBA sound level rating, you will be able to hear conversations around you, so you shouldn’t need those irritating ear plugs or noise-blocking ear protectors when mowing the lawn.
  • Easier step-through access to the adjustable sliding seat. The OX2 attachments are out front, not under the driver and there is no drive shaft so the floor is lower to the ground. Just step on, not step up!
  • Running costs are about one-seventh of a gasoline fueled tractor. Recharging batteries overnight for about $1.00 yields 5-8 hours of run time. Whether you use an outside outlet or one in your garage, just plug…and in the morning…play!
  • No costly air, oil and filter changes, coolants, engine tune-ups and overhauls keeping maintenance costs and shop time to a minimum.
  • Instant on-off power means no wasted idling charge drain. Every time the 0X2 decelerates, the tractor’s independent motors help to recharge the batteries for even longer run time and more savings.
Easy Handling:
  • Steer with the familiarity of a steering wheel. Turn on a dime and leave some change. Independent motor control to the back wheels allows for tighter turns.
  • A single foot pedal for speed control, braking, forward and reverse
  • A simple, clean dashboard/ control console has a charge level indicator, light switch, optional horn and back-up beeper. The eTasker utility model has an auto-latch button for quick connect/disconnect of front-mount attachments.
  • The sloping front hood provides a clear line of sight to the front attachments and the path ahead.