Electric Tractor Inc. Accelerates Development Program

Issued: 2017 12 05

Richard Zirger, Chair and CEO of Electric Tractor Inc. announced today plans to speed up the completion of the Company’s new generation electric tractor. A multi-year effort to access equity financing from the public marketplace in the U.S. has not materialized. Given the current uncertain regulatory and public investment climate facing clean tech/green tech start-ups in the U.S., all activities of Electric Tractor Corp. (a registered Wyoming public corporation that is also filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) are on hold.

Electric Tractor Inc. (ETi) is a registered Ontario private corporation focused on electronic Research and Development projects. The Company has a 30 year history of product innovation. The Company now operates the website as its core communication vehicle.

“With this shift of focus to completing the design and test phases of the all new OX2 electric tractor models right here in Canada, launch dates become more controllable and faster.”  Mr. Zirger explained.

ETi will start a compressed development cycle this September accessing an enthusiastic and able engineering talent pool equipped with advanced design and testing tools. Completion of the transformation of the exciting new generation OX2 series from drawing board to manufacturing ready is underway. First product is scheduled for market release by early 2019.

Electric Tractor Inc. (ETi) is a private corporation registered in Ontario, Canada. The Company is entering the final phase of development of the all new Electric OX2 line-up.

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