OX1 Around The Home

Home owners soon discovered the Electric OX for managing their own property, with lawn cutting as the prime purpose. The front deck mower with its three rotating blades, each powered by its own electrical motor, gave a superb cut. The blade tips rotated at 3,600 rpm discharging finely chopped mulch. Why use a bagging system when the nutrient-rich clippings could be immediately cycled back into the soil? Gardeners and soil microbes loved it. Sales grew again.

Its versatility to do work far beyond lawn care made it a hit for those wanting more than a riding lawn mower. The Electric OX was a sweeper, a grader, a snow thrower, a cart puller and more.  With the inverter outlet option, electric corded power tools could be used anywhere the OX could go. Just like the weed eater shown above.  Soon some 200 units were quietly working on five continents.