President’s Message

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Over 500 cities in the U.S. now have noise pollution by-laws restricting the use of gas-powered outdoor equipment. Hundreds of counties still do not meet the clean air standards set by the EPA. Today’s buyers more and more prefer clean and quieter electric hedge clippers, leaf blowers and lawn mowers that are also cordless and easy to maintain. These ‘push and pull’ forces are giving rise to market share gains of electric power tools used by both home-owners and contractors. For larger properties electric tractor options are still rare. The next decade will see a remarkable shift in acceptance and preference as the major players launch new battery-powered product. Ariens, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, Excel/Hustler have all ‘toyed’ with electric riding mower models demonstrating their technology and readiness to move quickly if market and regulatory forces dictate the move away from their traditional gas-powered product line. John Deere, Toro and Briggs and Stratton continue with their bread and butter carbon-fueled tractors. So, it is Ryobi (owned by TTI of Hong Kong) stepping up with its consumer electric riding mower and Mean Green Mowers of Ohio leading the way with its commercial line. Not much choice today for forward-acting, eco-conscious and technology-savvy gardeners and landscapers seeking battery-powered tractors.

For property owners who want more than an electric mower, our multi-purpose utility garden tractor is well worth considering for its flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Work all day effortlessly mowing, sweeping, grading, even blowing snow during the slow season with one electric vehicle, our OX2.

If your business is looking for a light towing tractor that can run for more than a shift, charge overnight and save a bundle of money over the price of the heavy industrial options offered by the big tow and burden carrier manufacturers, then check-out our Electric OX2 tow tractor model.

Prototyping will complete this year with production scheduled for 2020. In the meantime, we would like to hear what an electric tractor must do to win your business and loyalty. With the experience of delivering the first computer-controlled electric utility tractor almost twenty years ago, feedback from our original OX customers and surveying of shoppers’ expectations today, we think you will be pleased with our new generation models.

We also know brilliant ideas can come from anywhere, anytime and would value your thoughts. See our Contact Us page. Please use it to start a conversation that may lead to a delightful, long-term relationship. We welcome that prospect.

In 2020 it will be our turn to make a ’splash’ with the electric OX2 that may disturb the sleeping giants.  A risk we will take. In the meantime, may they rest in peace.

Don Carr

President, ETi