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Electric Tractor Inc. Privacy Policy

Providing a secure platform for your personal information is our policy at Electric Tractor Inc. (ETi). We value your privacy and are committed to protecting your information while adhering to the policies outlined below. Please read and understand all aspects involved with this privacy to fully understand how your information is obtained, respected, and used when entering our website. When visiting our website you comply with our privacy policy and the use of your information as described. To maintain optimal privacy for our users, we reserve the right to modify these policies as desired at any time. Any changes made to our privacy policy will be active immediately and viewable at the current URL.

We are solely responsible for the privacy guidelines outlined on our policy. Our policies do not define those of any external resources or links provided through, or linked to, our website.

Obtaining and Using Your Information
When entering and browsing our website your personal information may be collected by us, including personal identifiable data such as your IP address, visit history, previous website visited, and/or any website resources viewed. Your name, address, phone number, and related private information will not be stored unless voluntarily submitted. All information provided to us via our website, including, but not limited to, quote requests, ordering, registrations, warranty claims, customer support tickets, surveys, etc. will be collected and stored accordingly. To better serve you, any inquiries and personal information furnished to us through our chat, email, phone support, or other means of contact may also be collected and documented. Your private information will never be taken unwillingly; nor will it be sold or traded with a third party. To further advance our services we may; however, share provided information, excluding sensitive, billing information, with product/service related businesses, affiliates, approved agents, and/or subsidiaries.

Personal information may also be obtained and stored when provided by you in exchange for our products or services. All payment related material may be saved and used wholly for the purpose to access order history for review, shipping, billing, disputes, reordering, and related services.

In order to create an ideal platform for our viewers, we analyze your information to improve and restructure our website and marketing techniques to be more ideal and informative for our users. We compile user data to view overall trends, frequently visited pages, improve our services, and to develop optimal, user-friendly marketing strategies. Any marketing strategies we may adopt, which may be delivered to you via physical mail or email, will not be implemented without your consent. Your contact information may be utilized to reach you if requesting a service or product provided by us. Promotions sent or relayed to you may be unsubscribed from upon delivery and any contact you provide can be deleted upon request.

Cookies and Third Party Tracking
Cookies are a key aspect in maintaining a fully functional, navigable website that reaches out to your personal needs as best as possible. When selecting and navigating through our site you agree to allow cookies to be placed on your hard drive. Cookies are placed on your computer to better your experience at our site and are not used to spy, intercept personal information, or intrude on your privacy. Cookies are advantageous, yet optional and can be declined completely or partially through your browser’s settings. Rejecting cookies from us may result in improper functionality of some aspects of our site. Keeping cookies enabled will allow us to remember your visits and personalize your overall experience.

When contacting and providing ETi with your email address you are subject to receiving promotional material. Email addresses will never be taken unless provided and may always be unsubscribed, via email, mail, or phone support, as requested.

In the incident that ETi forfeits, sells, or trades ownership of some, or all, company resources we reserve the right to transfer your information on accordingly.

Legal Issues
ETi reserves the right to release your personal information if required by law or essential in order to satisfy legal proceedings, debt collection, court orders, and related legal processes.

We believe providing a secure area to transfer your information is critical. Our website utilizes superior safeguards to protect the safety of your identity.

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