The Company

Electric Tractor Inc. (ETi) is located in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. ETi is on schedule to launch two remarkable Electric OX2 tractor models in 2020.

With funding support from The Natural Sciences and Engineering Resources Council of Canada (NSERC) and a talented team of Mechatronics, Energy Systems and Manufacturing engineers and technicians, prototype tractors incorporating all the design and technology advancements described are in development.

The Journey So Far:

The R&D program for our new generation electric tractor started with input from our most important experts, several of the over 200 owners of the original Electric OX tractor from around the globe. Oh yes, we also sized-up the competition before turning to today’s buyers for a fix on their performance expectations. Simply put they want an all-electric, long life, high performance tractor at a best value price.

Our team then scoured the world to baseline the state of electric drive system technology and next generation advances we could deploy to bring a truly remarkable, new generation electric tractor to market.

With the freedom to conceive and create our new OX2 electric tractor from scratch, the result is simply extraordinary:

    • First a strikingly appealing, practical and comfortable design,
    • Next, performance criteria that are higher in virtually every category
    • Then an advanced assembly process that is fast and scalable so as orders grow, demand can be immediately accommodated,
    • Its modular design introduces a valuable new feature for tractor owners: the ‘evolvable’ tractor. New features, components and attachments are as easy as swap out/swap in.
    • Servicing and upgrading are faster too, particularly with remote diagnostics and software downloads by our factory tech service support.

Beyond the joy of operating the OX2 electric tractor is the ease of ownership. That includes very favorable economics from the extended tractor life with a higher resale value along the way and the lower lifetime operating and maintenance costs compared to gas-powered units.

Market Ready Soon:

Two models of the OX2 electric tractors will soon be serving the special needs of both the indoor commercial towing and outdoor residential garden/property management segments. Whether the job calls for tugging materials or product around warehouses, terminals and greenhouses or a whisper quiet tractor that will perform multiple tasks around your home, the dependable Electric OX2 will soon be available, better in both form and function.

We will keep you posted here on our website.